ABOUT POP is the festival and conference for pop culture in Stuttgart. ABOUT POP festival and conference will take place for the fourth time on July, 23 2022 in WIZEMANN AREAL — inside and outside! Look forward to over 20 international, national and local acts as well as numerous speakers in discussions, workshops, readings, exhibitions, and much more!

Pop culture is the leading culture of our time. It creates utopias, ideas and social models that become contemporary discourse.
ABOUT POP is a festival. With over 20 bands on five different stages, a top-class, curated music program with international, national and local bands awaits you.
ABOUT POP is a conference and a platform for exchange with and for actors, artists, enthusiasts and fans of pop culture and pop music to discuss and renegotiate the defining issues of our time.
ABOUT POP links creativity and economy.
ABOUT POP offers space for new theoretical discourses, collective approaches, cultural localizations, economic and social transformations and innovations, codes of youth-culture, queer positions, inclusive projects, utopian narratives, social resilience, musical experiments and guilty pleasures.
ABOUT POP will fulfill hopes and break expectations, always aiming to be purveyors of new ideas, conceived and launched collectively.


Music all day long! Over 20 live acts will be performing for you at ABOUT POP 2022! Look forward to regional, national and international newcomers and insider-tips – in the club, the studio, the Impact Hub and on our open-air stage!

  • 12:00 | Brenda Blitz
    12:00 – 12:30 [Club] | Female Power with new wave & retro vibes! Since 2019, the newcomer has been providing the right oxygen supply with her smart lines in a sea of synths.
  • 12:30 | Everdeen
    12:30 – 13:15 [Studio] | Everdeen make music for all those who don’t lose hope even in the greatest darkness.
  • 13:30 | Cali
    13:30 – 14:00 [Studio] | What Cali does artistically can only be described as Caliversum, with her fine-dust covered vocals she tells of other worlds.
  • 14:45 | Temmis
    14:45 – 15:30 [Studio] | The songs of Temmis are born from an interface of new wave, techno and indie and tell in an expressive way about ups and downs, everydayness and peculiarities.
  • 16:15 | Novaa
    16:15 – 17:00 [Studio] | With her new album “She’s a Star” Novaa manifests her position as one of the most talented and promising artists Germany.
  • 17:00 | Eugénie
    17:00 – 17:45 [Impact Hub / Foyer] | As a singer-songwriter, Eugénie shows a complex mixture of mainstream pop and alternative inspirations.
  • 17:45 | Fo Sho
    17:45 – 18:30 [Studio] | Fo Sho is an African-Ukrainian hip hop project combining modern genres from trap and hip hop, with influences from R’n’B to rock.
  • 18:15 | Nichtseattle
    18:15 – 19:00 [Impact Hub / Foyer] | “Katharina Kollmann’s lyrics are somewhat reminiscent of old Tocotronic tracks, full of strong images, enigmatic and touching.” (radioeins)
  • 19:15 | School of Zuversicht
    19:15 – 20.00 [Studio] | Music that looks over the hill. To where we all grow wings – in short: DISCO! And as we shake our hips, we face the complexity of our existence.
  • 19:30 | Gigolo Tears
    19:30 – 20:15 [Impact Hub / Foyer] | The songs of Gigolo Tears melt colorfully in the ears like pastel-colored popsicles, each track vibrates like the shallow shimmer of air over asphalt.
  • 20:00 | Lostboi Lino
    20:00 – 20:45 [Club] | Lostboi Lino wears his scars as tattoos on his skin. Weaving between rap, indie and grunge, his voice finds its way into your heart.
  • 20:45 | Isoscope
    20:45 – 21:30 [Impact Hub Foyer] | With influences from punk, post-punk, math and indie rock, isoscope create a sprawling, raw yet colorful soundscape.
  • 20:45 | Tightill
    20:45 – 21:30 [Studio] | Tightill works with influences from various genres and is “a whimsical blend of diverse musical styles and eras” (Vice).
  • 21:00 | Gewalt
    21:00 – 21:45 [Club] | It’s going to be deafening and soul-s – just like on the acclaimed debut album “Paradies”! Let’s dance, scream, and go into catharsis in this miserable time!
  • 22:10 | Ebow
    With her new album, Ebow gets to the bottom of the contradictory longings that our time harbors – her lyrical palette broadly diversified between diary and political pamphlet.
    [contain’t] | With her futuristic beats and streaks into R&B and UK Funk, Sarah Farina DJs at the ABOUT POP aftershow party at contain’t.
  • Aftershow | Tess
    [contain’t] | TESS builds bridges between familiar hip/hop/RnB and new vibes from the current house scene at the ABOUT POP aftershow party.

Exciting panels, discussions, keynotes and lectures await you in the conference part of ABOUT POP. Our international and local guests and speakers are looking forward to discuss and debating contemporary topics from pop culture, society, economy and youth-culture with you. 


    How do I get funding for my album? What do I have to do to make my songs sound good? How can I distribute my music? And how do I get my dream job in the music industry? In our workshops, professionals will take you by the hand and behind the scenes! 


      About Night is the part of ABOUT POP where everything revolves around themes of the night: club culture, night culture, night economy and much more! Together with the Stuttgart and Region Nightlife Coordination Office and various partner institutions at lthe ocal and state level, you can expect a variety of insights and new impulses! 


        In 2022, ABOUT POP continues to grow – also in terms of space. New spaces are being added all over the Wizemann site – whether it’s small workshop rooms in the Impact Hub, the newly renovated studio in Im Wizemann or open-air in the courtyard vis-a-vis the gatehouse. LET YOURSELVES DRIFT AROUND! More information on the accessibility of the individual rooms can be found here and soon via our FAQ. Please send direct questions and registrations to barrierefrei@region-stuttgart or via 



          The Pop-Büro Region Stuttgart is the only public institution for the promotion of pop music and pop culture and is the central contact point for artists and those involved in pop culture. As a partner, we promote, develop and plan projects in pop music, pop and youth culture. We also make a significant contribution to the character and quality of the Stuttgart economic region, actively support and accompany youth-culture and define cultural spaces and offers in the Stuttgart region. Since 2019, the Pop-Büro has been organizing the ABOUT POP Festival and Conference with the support of various funding institutions and people from the music industry.

          Festival und Konferenz für Popkultur in Stuttgart

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