18:00 – 19:00

Tn cooperation with Komma, the cultural youth center in Esslingen

Aesthetic, musical and fashion codes in youth cultures.
Belonging to a particular group is often expressed through expressions of individual taste and style. Music culture, fashion and lifestyle can be understood as codes that enable demarcation between groups and create identity. The demarcation through aesthetic, musical and fashionable codes is still present in youth groups today, but can vary depending on time and place and is often dependent on social, economic and cultural factors.
How have these processes of identity formation and distinction within youth cultures changed over time and what influence do digitization and social media have?

In addition to concerts, KOMMA Esslingen is curating a panel at this year’s About Pop. The topic was developed together with a group of (young) visitors at KOMMA. Many feel they belong to a group or scene/culture through their relationship with KOMMA and have asked themselves: “How do aesthetic, musical and fashion codes influence the identity of young people? Do musical and fashion codes influence the identity of young people?”.

Panel with Katharina Barthel, Leonie Meister, Dr. Stefanie Rhein, Caroline d’Orville

Moderator: Jannis Walz

Room: Schlosserei (Impact Hub)