17:15 – 18:15

In cooperation with Clubkultur Baden-Württemberg eV.

Inflation, event cancellations, rising energy prices, rising fees, fewer visitors – clubs and live music venues have faced many challenges in recent years. Headliner fees are skyrocketing, ticket prices have to absorb this, and fees for newcomers and small acts have been stagnating for years.
In addition, clubs are legally classified as places of entertainment in the BauNVO and are not regarded as cultural sites. Nevertheless, they continue to curate events with artistic DJs or live acts and thus make a significant contribution to social cohesion and a diverse cultural landscape. In the short term, many institutions were funded – in the long term, unfortunately, it is unclear what will happen next. One thing is certain: subsidies can only be a part of the solution.
So how can institutions face rising costs and high fees without losing their ideals and values and still remain competitive in a highly competitive field? An attempt to look for alternative solutions.

Panel with Alicia Fricke, Alexis Waltz, Alexander Endres, Sarah Farina

Moderator: Theresa Kern

Room: Lichtraum (Impact Hub)