20:00 – 21:00

Producer and performer Laima Adelaide combines three levels in her unique live set “(e)motion”:
The movement in the music through an arrangement of two speakers.
The movement in a light arrangement.
And the movement in the audience on a physical and on a psychological level.

The concept is a research on the questions:
What emotions can be created through a reduced palette of sound?
What is groove in electronic music?
What kind of sound spaces can be created through techno?

Laima gives the answers to these questions in her performance “(e)motion”, a 30-minute live set with hardware synths, electric guitar and a light sculpture as instruments. See you there!


Laima Adelaide is a Stuttgart-based producer and performer working in the fields of deep techno, ambient and experimental. Her approach is an attempt to create a connection between experimental electronic music and club music. Her musical interest lies in beats, textures and also natural sounds, and in combining these and realizing them in songs, as can be heard in her EP “Forest Depth”. She also co-founded the Predawn Records label.

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Room: Atelier (Im Wizemann)