13:00 – 13:15

Mia Morgan opens ABOUT POP 2023 musically with a mini concert.

EP, was released in early July 2019 and back then already attracted attention. “Waveboy” became a secret favorite for many, and the video for “Es geht dir gut” sparked a new wave of Tumblr nostalgia — hard to tell if Mia Morgan nails the spirit of the moment or is herself it. Like the EP, “Fleisch” was also produced by Max Rieger, who is known as a reliable force for catchy edginess and has already worked with artists such as Drangsal, Ilgen-Nur and Jungstötter. Between Kassel and Berlin and among various lockdowns, 12 dense, sparkling songs were created against the bad-tempered anti-attitude of the German music scene.

Find out more: www.instagram.com/mialisamarie

Room: Club (Im Wizemann)