16:15 – 17:15

In cooperation with NOEK Mannheim

Since Corona it has been clear that “Nachtkulturbetriebe”, night culture establishments, especially music clubs, are an important part of our cultural landscape and the word has been used more and more often since night officers became increasingly well known. However, if you take a look at the funding structures of the individual countries and cities, it quickly becomes clear that night culture establishments are often not taken into account. For some they are commercial operations and therefore a case for economic development, for others they are a case for the cultural office. However, the reality often looks different. Access to funding is denied because nobody really feels responsible. One aspect that is often forgotten is the overlap between the various night culture establishments. For example, cinemas, especially art-house cinemas, depend on visitors being able to talk about the film afterwards over a drink in the adjacent bars. Cultural institutions are thus dependent on the existence of commercial enterprises, although this boundary is often blurred. After all, we often speak of a culture of eating and drinking. It’s high time to ask ourselves what we see our night culture establishments as and where we draw the line.


Moderator: Matthias Rauch

Room: Lichtraum (Impact Hub)