14:30 – 15:30

There are no longer any borders: at least that’s what people believed at the beginning of the 1990s. The Berlin Wall falls, the world moves closer together and it becomes networked. The first nodes of the World Wide Web are tied, the first search engines are programmed. In Berlin, techno becomes the soundtrack of reunification, neon colors dominate the scene, piercings and tattoos conquer the mainstream, tramp stamps become the stylistic symbol of the decade. But beneath the serene surface, old conflicts erupt, and ghosts from the past return. In the east of Germany, but not only there, a right-wing youth culture is emerging on an unprecedented scale. The unbelievable is happening in Yugoslavia: the first war in Europe since 1945. Political Islam becomes a global threat, and the long decade ends on September 11, 2001, with the attack on the World Trade Center, which has also been a symbol of playful, globalized postmodernism. In a large, colorful panorama, Jens Balzer tells of a decade in which people believed in the future and in “anything goes” – and in which a new age of borders, identities and struggles began.

Talk with the author Jens Balzer about his new book “No Limit. The nineties – the decade of freedom” and Axl Jansen & Simone Engeln

Moderator: Anja Wasserbäch (journalist)

Room: Foyer (Impact Hub)