18:00 – 19:00

A large part of the world’s population lives in cities. With the urbanization of the metropolises, the population’s interest in opportunities to use the night and to conquer it also grew. A world of its own awoke in the night. On the one hand, nocturnal life has become an increasingly important indicator of the quality of life in a city and thus an increasingly important location factor for companies. On the other hand, it involves social and economic displacement processes and effects. The night is not the flipside, but much more the equal sister of the day – with both positive and negative effects.

In this panel, we want to take a multi-perspective approach to the question of which experiences and expectations arise in one night and to what extent this influences the social, cultural, geographical and economic attractiveness of cities and society.

Panel with Dr. Steffen Damm, Catalina Lopez, Franzi Lammers, Prof. Dr. Raphael Schwegman

Moderator: Gesine Kuehne

Room: Foyer (Impact Hub)