21:00 | Gewalt

The exceptional phenomenon Gewalt is coming on tour in spring 2022. From Hamburg to Ljubljana, stroboscopes, machine beats, clanging guitars and sinister bass riffs will tear apart the darkness of the clubs. It’s going to be ear and soul deafening – just like on the celebrated damn debut album “Paradies”! On to the dance, to the scream, to the catharsis in this miserable time! Cognition and wild frenzy are guaranteed.

Der Spiegel” chose “Paradies” as an album of the year 2021, Andreas Borcholte found: “perhaps the most powerful German rock record of the year”. Experts? The whole shebang passes! Only the moment counts, the stage – in the noise of the amplifiers, when the bodies twitch.

21:00 – 21:45 | im wizemann / club

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