19:15 | School of Zuversicht

The sound is contemporary and at the same time timeless. It is made by people who doubt the existence of linear time: the pieces were produced with Carsten “Erobique” Meyer, among others, who can transform his electronic machines into sentient beings.

But also with Joachim “Jojo” Schütz, who forgot his ego at some point, perhaps in 1991, at the train station in Stuttgart, whose life and music have fortunately never found a rigid form. For far more than a lifetime, DJ Patex has made music with Knarf Rellöm, he is self-evidently with the party as Richard Schulenburg, Ruth May, Tillamanda, the Audiolith-Frührentner Plemo, Manuel Scuzzo, Ms. Kraushaar and a reminiscence of Lana del Rey. The result is music that looks behind the hill. To where we all grow wings – in short: DISCO! And while we shake our hips, we face the complexity of our existence. After all, we are not here for fun – or are we?

19:15 – 20:00 | im wizemann / Studio

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